Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's that time of year where I get to make a new ad for The Knot Ohio magazine.
This time, it's been a struggle to decide on which photo to choose.
So, I thought I'd take it to the interwebz for a vote. (The blog and facebook.)

Here are the options:

1. Lauren and Dave - Springfield, OH

2. Amanda and Jon - Columbus, OH

3. Sarah and Kevin - Sandusky, OH

4. Lauren and Dave - Springfield, OH

5. Brooke and Luke - Portland, OR

Pick your favorite.
Comment the number.

Tomorrow night, the decision has to be made.




Ellen said...

My strongest reaction was to go for #4, but then as I went back severrrral times, I thought more about how they related to the quote, and decided #5 was most "mesmerizing" because of all the shots, it's the most 'wait, what, are they really in a forest? sweeeeeet' All that said, I still vote #4, mainly because if I could only have one of those moments captured from my wedding, it'd be that one.

Anonymous said...

I started to write a comment, but realized it was pretty much exactly what Ellen said. I love the emotion in 4, but 5 is beautiful too! But I'd say 4 draws you right in. How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think #4 is the best picture listed, mainly because it conveys the most motion and emotion. #1 is great too in a more subtle tender way but that would be my 2nd choice.

alissa said...


kathrynetee said...

All of them? I like... no, LOVE #4!

kellilynn said...

#2 alll the way!!!!!

kellilynn said...

For sure #3!! What a good looking group

Dave Black said...

#4 or #5

#4 because like Ellen said it is a great moment to capture. Also the bride is looking directly at the camera like, "Heck yeah this is my day and I'm lovin it." I think the direct eye contact might speak directly to brides to be.

#5 because it looks like something out of "Mid-summer Night's Dream." Enchanted forest photo moment plus Shakespeare - yes please.

Leah said...

#4! It's an amazing photo (they all are) but I think it goes best with Ty's comment.. you do such a great job!

Gabby T Photo said...

I say 3 or 4. with 4 i would try to make the couple centered.

Rosario's Photography said...

#2 or #4

Shannon said...

I like #4!

Caitlin Bellum said...

Number 1 or 4....you are amazing.

Beth said...

#1 or #4 (full disclosure: sister of the bride, totally biased voter). Every single one is beautiful!