Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well... I'm already getting inquiries for 2012.
And we all know the apocalypse is coming, right?

This is my 3rd year doing wedding photography. It's been a fun ride so far.
This year, I decided to focus primarily on Ohio. Last year (2009), I had most of my weddings out of state, which was slightly exhausting. So I started advertising in The Knot Ohio magazine and got 23 fabulous brides and grooms to book me for 2011. WOOO!
That's pretty much a wedding every weekend for half of the year. BOOM! And I won Best of Photography for 2011 for Columbus. Shazam!

Next year, I plan to book 20 weddings. (Or more. I haven't decided.)
My rate will be $3,400 for 8 hours or $3,700 for 10 hours. (More details if you contact me.)

I've been thinking about hiring a 2nd photographer to build up my business. Although, I'm mostly tempted to hire an assistant to help me with everything.

So let's all raise our glasses to a victorious past 3 years!

And thanks to everyone who has booked me, supported me, encouraged me and stalked me!
I couldn't have done it without all your love and super stalking skills. :)


PS. And if you do stalk me, you can totally comment on my posts and I will not bite you.


Kate said...

I am, I guess what you'd call one of your "Stalkers"!! Love your work and just say keep up the good work!!

Beth A. said...

Ha ha...I'm a total stalker. I was at the baptism today, and I was the one that recommended you to them. I think you are fantastic at what you do. I love when people make a living out of what they love to do.

The Future Mrs. F said...

So Excited to be one of your 23 this year!! You are so much fun, so relaxed, so talented! Can't wait!

Helen D! said...

Bam! I beat all the others to punch I already booked you for 2012! I will keep stalking till its my turn (and even then I'm pretty sure I will keep stalking)

::be-loved:: said...

Totally found you by being friends with the twins Sarah and Vanessa! Love love looove your photos.

Anonymous said...

Your photogrpahs are great. The timing is excellent

Melinda said...

Lately I've been thinking about trying to find some 2nd shooting gigs and tonight I land here on your page! Crazy! If you are ever in need and want to try a 2nd shooter out, I'd love to help. You can see my work at

Walter_ said...

Proud stalker since 2006

noeresyo said...

awesome work Jess, n Ill love to be your assistent. Even for free¡¡. I admire your work I lot. If you wish to contact me:

Katie Z said...

hey, I was wondering what kind of lens you use? I love all of your photography!