Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A fun little project.

This is a cover of the song "The Ladder" by Andrew Belle. Sang by me, produced by Michael Johnson. (@mikewho on twitter)

The photo was inspired by a dream I had. Yes, I was photographing Lady Gaga in my dream, wrapping cassette tapes around her and she put one in her mouth. So since I'll probably never photograph her, I took the idea for my own.

We hope you like it.
You can download the song here



Ashlee said...

The pic is fab and the song is amazing! LOVE!

Heather said...

Your voice is so beautiful! I'm in awe! You are such a talented lady!

Scott Clark Photography said...

Love the song. Glad I'm not the only one who photographs in my dreams.

Kate said...

Wow Jessica, great song!!
You are very gifted =)

Susanna said...

Holy goodness! You are so freaking talented. I think I have to hate you because of it, good thing we aren't really friends and I am just a fan.