Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prints on canvasssssssss.

I now sell prints on canvas.
Woot woot.


Special rates to start this print party:
8"x10" - $50
8"x8" - $40
6"x6" - $25
5"x5" - $22
4"x4" - $20

Shipping = $5 in the US.

You can pick from any of my photos except for client photos. (Weddings, kids, families, etc.) (Unless you ARE a client. Then I can get your own photos on canvas.) But things of stuff or where you can't see faces, I'm cool with.

Rectangle AND square! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And I sign each of them like I do on my photosssssssss. Woot.

Email me if you're interested. :)


1 comment:

barbara said...

so freakin' cool! from what i can tell, they look awesome! love the wood sides :)