Thursday, May 13, 2010

For Un Mundo Cafe.

This is a new set that I put together for Un Mundo Cafe in Springfield, Ohio.
They are relocating during Memorial Day weekend, so I'm very excited to be the first artist in their new store!

"My Portion" - 8"x8" - $40
"Winter" - 8"x10" - $50
"My Tattoo" - 8"x8" - I'm debating on selling this. I sorta want to be stingy about it.

"Frosty Window" - 8"x8" - $40
"Melody" - 8"x10" - $50
"Tea, you are my friend" - 8"x8" - $65 (Collectors edition. 4/10)


"Shcamera" - 6"x6" - $25
"Shhhhhoes" - 6"x6" - $25

Love these things. So much.



Heather said...

You are so adorable! I love these canvases! Good luck in your move to Nashville!

Ashlee said...

The canvases are gorgeous! I wish I could get one of each! You are truly an artist! Good luck with your move! I've always dreamed of going to Nashville. Have fun!

Mollie said...

That's awesome! My dad told me about their move... to the old Java House's location downtown right?

I'll check them out when I come home for Memorial Day!

Jessica Valle said...

Yes! I'm so excited for them to move there! I think it's a much better location and they should get a lot more business since the farmers market is right there. WOOT WOOT!

And thanks Heather & Ashlee! I'm so exciteddddddd!