Thursday, March 11, 2010

O'Sullivan Love.

I flew out to Sacramento, CA to shoot the O'Sullivan wedding.
I met Sean a couple of years ago through a friend. And I was UBER excited when he he wanted to book me for his wedding.

His bride (Jill) was beautiful. Stunning. And she's definitely one of the most lively people to be around. It poured on their wedding day. But they were so in love and didn't have a worry in their bones.

It was such a fun, exciting day. :)

And perhaps I'll post more photos from this wedding in the near future.


Mollie said...

LOVE these Jessica! Sooo beautiful!

I just recommended you to a couple. She works in Springfield and he's from Springfield. Told them you were a nice Christian girl with amazing talent. Hopefully they haven't booked someone for engagement/wedding photos yet... :)

Mary Blossom said...

She looks so much like Zooey Deschanel! Beautiful wedding:) (and great pictures).

Crystal said...

she looks like zooey deschanel! gorgeous pics, I am so excited for you to do my wedding...less than 150 days!!! :)