Monday, January 4, 2010

Tea, you are my friend.

2/365 : Tea is my friend.

I recently joined a group on flickr called 365. Everyday you take a photo and post it. So you should expect photos from me everyday. :)

This tea cup is on my desk and I lurve it.

I am also selling this as a limited edition print.
They are 8"x10"s. Signed and all.
Matted frame.

Collectors Edition Print.

I will only be selling 15 of them.
The first one already sold.
$65.00 each + shipping.
Email me if you're interested:


PS. I'm gonna be famous someday. That should be a perk to buy, right? ;)
PPS. This is sarcasm. Sorta. ;)


J_B said...

Awesome stuff. Have you ever considered doing an Art Reception?

Jessica Valle said...

I've done a few before. In Seattle and here. (Ohio.)

I'm just figuring Ohio out. So, eventually, I'd like to be a part of the gallery hop in Columbus.

Jessica Valle said...

You know Lori Gutierrez?