Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love love love. I want your love.

Dear Ohio,

Thanks for giving me no work until the end of next month.
I'm so bored, I'll stick confetti on my face.


PS. Taking self-portraits is very limiting.
I don't have a tripod.
I'm usually alone.

I do what I can.

PPS. I'm still down for answering questions. Here.

11.365 : i.N.S.P.i.R.A.T.i.O.N.

Love love love. I want your love.


Jenn said...

Yay for new blogs =) We had communicated through xanga awhile ago (a year or two maybe) about boys. Do you remember?

Anyway, you are talented, I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures. Are you glad that you are back in Ohio? How long is your fella out of the country for?

You should go on an adventure today!


Jessica Valle said...

I do believe that I remember! You live in New York?

I like being around my family. But business here is killing me. :(
My boyfriend is in Spain until August or September! EEEEK!
A lot of seasons without him. :(

I didn't go on an adventure today. But maybe tomorrow??? EE!


Jenn said...

Man,I JUST saw this comment, sadness. But at least I see it now =) I live in New Jersey now. I moved here from amazing CO to follow my serious relationship (he was laid off and moved to the east coast and we were long distance for 6 months) Well after 3 months of my being here we broke up. It was devastating and I am still recovering, still trying to find out who I am. & if I can really go on with out him. *sigh*

What about adventures now? Are you still going to stay in Ohio?