Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nouns I love [Thursdays]

Person : Victor Samuel Huckabee AKA Pope St Victor
His personal slogan: Be Awesome.

Where do we begin?
I met Victor last fall through a mutual friend. I remember her being all like "Oh my gosh, you have to meet this guy. He's so great!" And so I found him on Buddytown (which is now Douchetown) and I was immediately intrigued. We've had a fun little friendship since. ;) Ahhhh....

Victor is an incredible illustrator/graphic designer/photographer. He does it all. He currently works for BloodWater Mission which is a non-profit (Nashville) that brings fresh water to people in Africa. He is their brand architect. He makes them look rad. And they are.

Victor is a guy that inspires me in every way. And I learned this weekend that I inspire him too. That blows my mind. We both do photography. We both draw. We both have a dog. We both wear Toms. Damn it. We are both awesome.

I just love his brain. His brain is my favorite brain of all.

You can put it into prospective this way: When I was a teenager, I would plaster my walls with JTT posters. But the older I've gotten, the less I've liked celebrities. So, if I was to plaster my walls with someone right now, it would be Victor Huckabee.

Check out his work and try not to drool on yourself:
Victor's flickr
Follow him on Twitter

It's good to be friends. Again.

Place: Nashville. (Photo stolen from the interweb.)

Nuff said.
I won't be surprised if I end up moving there next year.

Thing: Halloween and meeting friends from Facebook that I have never met in person before.
Such as the lovely Sean Kelly AKA The Beast. (I was Victor for Halloween.)

And the new shake it photo app. It's from Jesus.


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