Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday love.

I shot the Berner's and...another family today.
How terrible am I that I don't know the last names??
Anyhow, their family has owned this farm for 5 generations.
I thought that was incredible.
It was absolutely beautiful and I had so much fun.
Kids are so funny and I love it when I can capture them for who they are.

So before you go any further, I really recommend that you play a Sigur Ros song while you look at these photos.
When I edit, I put a band on that I feel will help bring out what I want to see in a photo.
So today, it was Sigur Ros.
If you don't have their music, just press play on the video below.
And put it like...1 minute into the song. I like that part the best. :)

And then enjoy the photos.

I love these photos.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick James, [you know what to insert here].

Today, I photographed Rick James.
He's a musician here in Springfield, Ohio.

Laundromats, Schuler's donuts, Welding shop walls and Los Mariachisssssss.

Check out his site.

Thanks for the donut, the lunch and the opportunity to take your photo, Rick. :)

I like getting my picture taken too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nouns & Ted Rastatter.

::Nouns I love [Thursdays]::

Stephen McGee

I met Stephen on February 15, 2002. I was 16 and I boldly went to a new youth group with a friend. We didn't know anyone there. But it was there that I met the redhead that would steal my heart. He 's my first love. My high school sweetheart.

It's funny to look at us today, as adults.

I really don't even know how to explain Stephen. He's like sunshine. Like a breeze on a summer day. A bowl of fruity pebbles in the morning. A piece of pumpkin pie on a fall day.

He's the most random person I have ever met. He has a really funny brain. We often have random contests and sing songs that we make up.

He moved to Spain to teach English. Yesterday. And I'm very sad without him near.

Place & Thing:
Creepy houses and Ted Rastatter's musical abilities.

I shot Ted today in front of this uber creepy house that I found the other day. Let's keep in mind that I found this house when it was dark dark dark out and it was in the country. It took forever for us to find it.

But Ted is the worship pastor at Soma. He's getting ready to release his EP in March. So he asked me to take some photos of him. And here they are.

Thanks for letting me take your photo, Tedddddd.

Check out his site.

That last one is for fun. Of course. :)

Happy Thursday!


Monday, November 16, 2009


I went to high school with Erika.
I remember her long straight hair. I was uber jealous.
Choir classes and lots of sarcasm.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
And here she is, 6 surgeries later.

I was really honored to be able to take her photo.

I have no idea what this would be like to go through,
but it was inspiring to be around Erika again.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another pointless blog.

We aren't very exciting this week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nouns I love [Thursdays]

Person : Victor Samuel Huckabee AKA Pope St Victor
His personal slogan: Be Awesome.

Where do we begin?
I met Victor last fall through a mutual friend. I remember her being all like "Oh my gosh, you have to meet this guy. He's so great!" And so I found him on Buddytown (which is now Douchetown) and I was immediately intrigued. We've had a fun little friendship since. ;) Ahhhh....

Victor is an incredible illustrator/graphic designer/photographer. He does it all. He currently works for BloodWater Mission which is a non-profit (Nashville) that brings fresh water to people in Africa. He is their brand architect. He makes them look rad. And they are.

Victor is a guy that inspires me in every way. And I learned this weekend that I inspire him too. That blows my mind. We both do photography. We both draw. We both have a dog. We both wear Toms. Damn it. We are both awesome.

I just love his brain. His brain is my favorite brain of all.

You can put it into prospective this way: When I was a teenager, I would plaster my walls with JTT posters. But the older I've gotten, the less I've liked celebrities. So, if I was to plaster my walls with someone right now, it would be Victor Huckabee.

Check out his work and try not to drool on yourself:
Victor's flickr
Follow him on Twitter

It's good to be friends. Again.

Place: Nashville. (Photo stolen from the interweb.)

Nuff said.
I won't be surprised if I end up moving there next year.

Thing: Halloween and meeting friends from Facebook that I have never met in person before.
Such as the lovely Sean Kelly AKA The Beast. (I was Victor for Halloween.)

And the new shake it photo app. It's from Jesus.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Song of Solomon 5:2

When I started this blog, I put up a photo with my hands and I overlapped it with a Psalm.
Someone then wrote a comment which opened my eyes in a way I cannot explain.
This line has stuck with me ever since:
"I slept but my heart was awake."

I feel that it really captures a lot of things within me.
And I plan to get it tattooed on me soon.

So to the anonymous person who put this on my blog,
thank you.