Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zach + Crystal = <3

While I was in Seattle, I shot Crystal and Zach.
They are getting married next August! Yippee!
It's always fun to meet new people.
But it's even more fun to be able to photograph people who are in love.

And it makes me kinda envious. I won't lie. :)

Congrats to Crystal and Zach! :)
Twas a pleasure.



Crystal said...

Love them!!! You are so is only 282 days away get ready!!

K said...

love the blur and the bokeh

Kristen said...

Hey Jessica, you may not remember me but I Temped for your position while you were away visiting your family in early January at Rotella. Anyway, I LOVED looking at your pictures then and have enjoyed looking at them since then so I showed my best friend your site and she feel in love! Thank you so very much for taking care of Crystal and Zach for me!!! Crystal is my rock so she truly deserves the best in my eyes! I would love for you to sometime take pictures of my daughter and I as well. Thanks!! <3 Kristen

Kim said...

i want her ring. and her coat. :)