Thursday, October 15, 2009

:Nouns I Love [Thursdays]:

I, Jessica Valle, hereby dedicate my Thursdays to nouns that I love.

Scott Armstrong. Not to be confused with NEIL Armstrong, because they are both out of this world. (Insert comedic drums here.)

Scott is in town from Florida this week. He studies film out there. FILM. Badassss. We went on an adventure for mittens yesterday. We ended up with a coat AND a pair of mittens. I very much enjoyed the part where he put on a girls t-shirt and totally could have bought it and pulled it off. AND the part where he started making a movie in his mind while we drove and listened to Sufjan Stevens.

And then we drank tea and knitted like old women. It was terrific.

Oh, and he can saaaaang. [You know, sing really good.] If he had an album, I'd play that trash all day long.

[If you know Scott and you don't love him, I'm guessing that you suck.]

Un Mundo Cafe - Springfield, Ohio

I didn't take this photo. I'm sure you can tell.
Un Mundo is a quiet, comfy little cafe in Springfield, Ohio. They have funny little specials everyday and I love doing them. This past Monday, the special was to tell a knock knock joke and get a large latte for the price of a small. Here was mine:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Ivana Who?
Ivana tea latte with earl gray tea and vanilla, please.

There are lots of things I love about this place. But I really love that they let me put my work up there. If you're in Springfield, go check it out.

"Till We Have Faces" - C.S. Lewis

I love fiction. I love C.S. Lewis.

This book is about the myth of Cupid.
It captures the nature of love in many ways. I especially appreciate how it shows the honesty and ugliness of possessive love.

Everytime I read this book, I see a lot of things about myself that I don't typically see. Mostly, the ugly things about myself that I want to change.

I LOVE this book.
It is beautifully written.
That's all I can say.
Pick it up and read it.



Scott said...

YAY! i am honored.

Kristian said...

Will you loan me your copy?

Also, I was in Un Mundo and smiled upon your phots today. When I am rich, I will buy them.

Emily Christina said...

Good stuff. Indeed. I just wrote blog post with a sizable C.S. Lewis quote. Have you read "The Weight of Glory"? Do it. The man is a legend. "Rad" as you might say ;) Toodles.

Jessica Valle said...

Scott - You da man.

Kristian - Totally!

Emily - I have never read it. But I will! :)

Jenn said...

You are the reason I bought this book a year ago! Yayy!