Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nicki + Brian = Looooove.

I've been ooooohhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing all night.

I used to work with Nicki before I did photography full time.
She asked me to shoot her wedding when I worked there, and I thought to myself,
"Man. I need to quit my current job and jump into photography."
It was a risk.
And a good risk at that.

Beautiful people.
Inside and out.
Beautiful family.
Beautiful venue.
Beautiful love.

This wedding was at Novelty Hill Winery in Woodinville, WA.
I love Seattle.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I seriously have a million more that I love.
I just had to stop for now.

More later.



//nancy said...

jess, these are my favorite wedding shots of yours that i've ever seen. ever in my whole life. amazing job. xo nan

nyc said...

you've really developed your own, adorable style. these are all wonderful and some of my fav weddings shots Ive seen of yours :)

Kristian said...

i want to have a wedding exactly like hers. and to have pitures like yours. :]

The Ballards said...

AMAZING! You are so far beyond talented!!

Tyler said...

Jessica! Great job! Holy crap!

Remember who helped you get started when you get big ;O)

Crystal said...

Jessica, these are AMAZING! You are so very talented, I cannot wait for you to shoot my wedding!! :)

Abra said...

simply amazing! i may have just changed my mind about marriage.

yinG. said...

i love theseee (:
they're just so sweeet,
i love how you shoot them,
you know, you made me want to be a wedding photographer so muchhhh! :D

haaa love ya!

Anonymous said...

Jessica.. it's your mom... I wanted to tell you that I think these are one of the most amazing sets you have done. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Magic.....that is what the day was and that is what you have managed to capture.
You are truly amazing....can't wait to see the rest of the photos.
Thank you!
Carol (Brian's mom)

Brian and Nicki said...

jess - brian and i couldn't be happier with these AMAZING photos! you captured the love and emotion of the day with perfection! we can't wait to see more...

love, bricki :)

Emily Pollock said...

These are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing, I really love your style and it was such a perfect fit for Nicki and Brian. And, of course, you did a beautiful job showcasing our winery - I can't wait to see more!