Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! :)

Happpppy New Year. It's been a fun year.
I got a tattoo of a camera on my arm. :)
I started a full time photography business.
I shot 8 weddings, I think... Georgia, Chicago, Ohio, Seattle.
I moved back to Ohio to be with my family. It's been fun. :)
I ended up with my first love.
Nothing could be better.

So enjoy these photos from the past year.
I'm super lucky to be able to do what I do.

Baby Cameron.

She's so beautiful.

Rose and Craig.

This is my dad.
My dad! :)

These are a few of my favorite things.
My favorite things.

Peter : A Man of Hugs.

Welcome to my porch, John.

Mitch, let's go sailing.

Katie and Evan. :)

Mona & Gareth

Matt & his peeps.

Hey look! They bloomed!

I want those leg warmers.

May your Easter be emo.

Mona & Bridesmaids.

Me & Seattle.

David & Andi.

Whitney & Allen.

Steve Sudduth.

We'z gots tats. Son.

Spencer, South Dakota.

Whitney & Allen's Wedding.

Whitney & Allen's Wedding.


Evan and his monkey.

I don't need a parrot.

Dave + Halley = <3

Dave + Halley = <3

My new slogan for

David + Andi = <3

David + Andi = <3

Before/After example.

David + Andi = <3

Dead Flowers & Bumble Bees

Sunday Family Photos

Oh, to be a child again.


How I roll.

Adom & Amanda.


Eli & the pigs.

Brian + Nicki = Bricki

Brian + Nicki = Bricki

Brian + Nicki = Bricki


Things in my room.

Hey Stephen

Evan & Katie.


Ted Rastatter

Sunday love.

It's a ram!


For Stephen.
For Stephen.

For the Sipes.


Happy Birthday, Evan!


Ted Rastatter

Ted Rastatter

And if you know of anyone who gets engaged this holiday season, send 'em my way and I'll give them the best wedding photos ever.
(Click to see larger.)

For all those potential clients.

Happy New Year to you all! :)